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Estate's history

The history of Villa Erbice comes from far away, when the grandfather Narciso began producing wine in 1900. The name Villa Erbice is determined by the prestigious history of the company, located in a seventeenth century villa of major historical importance. Here Erbice family has been producing wines of excellent quality, always from the grapes from their own vineyards.

Vineyard and cellar

The vineyard property, about 10 hectares, is located in the municipality of Mezzane at an altitude ranging from 250 meters to 450 meters above sea level It is cultivated in an environmentally and integrity, favoring the use of natural pesticides, such as copper and sulfur also all the processes related to the production carried out by hand. The cellar is organized in a traditional way
and the fermentation of the grapes on the skins in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature aging of wine in barrels of 225 lt. in French oak.

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The family

Erbice family vine growers wines

Villa Erbice wines embody the spirit of the area and the style of Erbice family. Wines from the classic color and intense, elegant aromas, good structure and tannins, suitable for long aging.